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Planning for the future is something that everyone should address sooner rather than later and there are many actions an individual can take which will ensure protection for their family and other loved ones in the future. We strive to provide wealth and succession planning advice which is tailored to our client's specific needs in plain simple English. 

Estate planning is a great way to prepare for future costs and can be helpful to anyone, no matter what their situation is. As well as this, we can help you set up trusts, arrange future business plans and ensure that you are not paying more inheritance tax on your estate than is needed.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a way to ensure that you can provide for your loved ones in the future by passing on your wealth and assets. The process can vary in complexity depending on the individual circumstances of a person’s assets and health.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax

The executors of the Will have the responsibility of acquiring the assets and issuing them suitably to pay inheritance tax to the Revenue Commissioners. If there is no Will then this will be the job of the administrators. This can be a stressful responsibility at times, as the executor and administrator ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. We at Roe Solicitors will guide you through the process and, if required, can highlight your exact duties during this time.

Why Choose Roe Solicitors

We have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in relation to succession planning in Ireland. We provide a bespoke high quality professional service and we take the time to listen to our clients. We are upfront on costs and expenses and we will, at all times, be open and honest in progressing your matter. 

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