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We hope you find the reports useful. to buying residential property in ireland 

In this guide, we discuss the following:

  1. Things to consider when choosing a property to buy
  2. The difference between buying by way of a private treaty sale and by way of auciton
  3. When to engage your solicitor 
  4. The role of the solicitor in the conveyancing process
  5. When do you sign the contract? 
  6. What happens are contracts are exchanged? 
  7. What happens on the closing date? 
  8. What happens post completion? 
  9. What are some of the "hidden costs" involved? 
  10. And more. 

2. Guide to making a will

things you should consider 

In this guide, we discuss the following:

  1. Why make a Will?
  2. What happens if you die without making a Will?
  3. What if you have young children?
  4. The differences between guardians and trustees
  5. What happens if you are separated ordivorced?
  6. What happen if you are an unmarried couple?
  7. What if you have no cash assets?
  8. What is a discretionary trust?
  9. What is the significance of joint property?
  10. What is capital acquisitions tax?
  11. What are your options to give a gift (other than by Will)
  12. Planning for the payment of Tax
  13. What is a living will / enduring power of attorney?
  14. And more. 

3. Property Sales


In this document, we provide a useful checklist of items which you may need to get as part of the  legal process of selling your property and which you should consider once your property is listed for sale. Some of these items take time to get and if they are missing, it could delay the sale of your property. 

Get the checklist and get organised so the sale of your house isn't delayed. 

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